Am I Eligible

Are you age 16-24?

If yes please keep reading.

Are You an Out of School Youth -including a High School Graduate or School Dropout or Attending GED classes?

If yes then you need to have at least 1 barrier to education or employment as defined by WIOA law to be eligible

Pregnant nor Parenting

School Dropout

Homeless or Runaway

Have a Disability (May possibly qualify if you were on an IEP)

Were ever in the Foster Care system

Involved in the Juvenile or Adult Court System

If you are an In School Youth - attending high school

In order for an individual to be eligible you must have at least 2 barriers

Barrier 1 - LOW INCOME

Must fit one of the following categories

Foster Child
Disabled (The disability cannot be so severe that self sufficiency is not possible)
Food Stamps Eligible
Low Income (Income Verification for all family members is required) Must be at or below the following Income

Family Size Income
1 $12,060
2 $16,240
3 $20,591
4 $25,418
5 $30,002
6 $35,086

For families larger than 6 add $ 5,084 to 35,086 for each additional family member.

and a 2nd barrier must then be present such as

Barrier 2 - Barrier to Employment or Education as defined by WIOA Law

Pregnant or Parenting
School Drop Out
Behind Grade Level
Substance Abuse
Limited English Proficiency
Basic Skills Deficient (tests below a 9th grade level in Reading and/or Math)

These are just a few examples of the 2nd barrier.

If you believe you may qualify for the Program then please download and print off an application.


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