Am I right for the WIOA Youth Program?

Am I right for the WIOA youth Program?

WOIA Youth programs in the State of Ohio have to meet 2 performance goals. Meeting these performance goals have an impact on future funding of the WIOA youth programs for the State of Ohio.

Therefore a youth may be eligible for the program but not appropriate based on our programs goals and design. Below are the performance measures that we must meet and ways our program works with youth to achieve these goals.

Placement in Education or Employment

For youth who have graduated or obtained a GED our goal is to enroll these youth into Post Secondary Education. We work with youth to find the right career goal for them and the right training to meet their career goal. We assist you in filling out applications and Financial Aid forms.

We also assist youth in trying to get a job. We provide workshops focusing on work readiness skills including but not limited to resume development, filling out job applications, interviewing skills, how to get along with your employer.

Our paid work experiences also assists in this by offering youth a limited exposure to the various requirements involved in being employed (being on time, obeying authority etc.) and helping youth gain a positive work ethic, so that they can be better prepared to get and keep a job on their own.

Obtain a diploma or certificate.

For youth who have dropped out of school, our goal is to get youth enrolled into an Alternative Secondary School to work on their high school diploma or ABLE to work on their GED.

In doing career planning with youth we sometimes assist youth in enrolling in short term educational programs that lead to certification such as a Nurse Aide training program or programs at the career center or local community colleges (Wayne College, North Central State, Stark State) The benefit of short term training is that it assists the youth in entering the workforce with a job that pays higher than minimum wage without having to go to school 2 -4 years.

For youth still enrolled in school (High School or College) our goal is to work with you to assist in keeping you enrolled in school so that you obtain your diploma or certificate.

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