Wayne County Summer Employment Opportunity Nursing

Wayne County hopes to be able to once again offer a Summer Employment Opportunity linked to academic and occupational skills (SEO) for those interested in the Nursing field.

Plans for the program currently include the following.

  • Participants will attend Youth Employability workshops for two weeks.
  • Participants will attend Medical Readiness classes aimed at increasing the necessary academic skills needed to succeed in the Nursing industry.
  • Participants will attend 3 weeks of STNA classes and clinicals. STNA classes are offerred by Companions of Ashland at their Wooster location on Burbank Rd.
  • Particpants may be given the opportunity to complete a paid work experience at a local Nursing Home. Paid work experience lasts approximatley 180 hours.

If you are interested in enrolling in this SEO please contact Jeff Styer at 330-345-6771 X 276 or 330-466-0984.

At the end of the SEO participants will have

  • Obtained their STNA certification and hopefully have passed the State STNA exam.
  • Participants will have increased their academic skills needed to enter into a nursing field Post Secondary Education Program.
  • Participants will have earned money, improved their Resumes and possibly have been hired by a local health care facility.

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