Transitions is always looking for new worksites in Ashland and surrounding counties to provide our enrolled youth the opportunity to learn some basic work readiness skills. Some of the basic things we ask include

Provide adequate and qualified supervision

Be accountable for the participants time and attendance so that you are only paid for time they actually work (We provide the Time Sheets).

Provide a safe and healthy work environment

Comply with a local, state, and federal laws in regards to Minor Labor Laws and WOIA Laws

Youth are hired by Tri-County ESC and covered under our workman's comp insurance. There is no cost to you except supervision time. If a youth is not working out, simply give us a call and we will discuss options including removing the youth from the worksite.

Some local businesses and organizations that we have used in the past as worksites include

Salvation Army Kroc Center -Ashland
Ashland County Humane Society
Revivals Store - Ashland
Brethren Care Nursing Home - Ashland
Ashland University
Kingston - Ashland
Holiday Inn - Ashland
Perkins - Ashland
Loudonville Library - Loudonville
Camp Nuhop - Perrsyville
Ashland YMCA

If you have any interst in becoming a worksite for our program please give Jeff Styer a call at 419-282-5069 or 330-466-0984.

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